A rendered scene of an ape

The power of CG effects, and an Ape


Computer generated graphics in movies has come a long way. Take a look at the production photos and short movies here, showing the awesome animations and shaders that collaborate to create a very realistic looking ape. It’s not the newest in tech, but it is still quite impressive.

Check out the ape!

A rendered scene of an ape. Click the image to see the full article!

A rendered scene of an ape. Click the image to see the full article!

Click the image above and check out the two short movies and some other production photos. Below however, you can see how the ape is “sculpted” in a 3D sculpting software. This software is used to create incredible detail such as the skin, wrinkles, etc. The same technique are used in game development when working with 3D/2D assets, to make them as detailed as possible.

The thing is though, that the sculpture (when it’s completed) is not used directly. The detail information in the sculpture, is used to create a “bump-map” that will make a lower-detailed model look like it has that insane level of detail. It’s a cheap way to do it, and with enough resolution space in the texture/diffuse and bumpmap, it can look just as realistic as anything.

I’ll talk more about how games utilize different techniques to create the level of realism we see today.

Ape demo

How far alongĀ are realtime game-graphics in contrast to this?

The “worst” part, is that some games has this level of detail (or could have). Especially now in the light of Playstation 4’s tech demo “The Dark Sorcerer”, that clearly demonstrates what the console is capable of.

This goes to show that the PS4 console could most definetly power games with more or less the same level of detail. Many would think of this as a pre-rendered cinematic. The reality of this video is that it’s recorded and rendered on a PS4 in realtime. Quite, quite impressive.

Just look at the realism of the lighting when the sorcerer forget his line, and the “studio” become visible (with the green-screens, etc). I actually first thought it was game-characters rendered on real sets at first.

Well then, check out the “Game Development” category for articles that explains how game development works, and what techniques are used.

Thanks for reading, and please comment if you have some awesome VFX shots that clearly illustrates the power of CGI.